• Geographical Coverage
    Implementing programs in 5 selected Districts in 3 different Provinces
  • Advocacy
    Advocating for the issues concerning girls and young women between the ages of 15 and 35 years
  • Leadership Development
    A way of enhancing girls and young women`s access to and participation in leadership

About us

Young Women in Action (YWA) is a membership-based Not-for-profit, Non-Governmental organization formed in June 2002 by a group of young women and men to spearhead issues and concerns which affect young women in the Women’s Movement in particular and Zambia in general.

The need to particularly address issues of young women came from the realization that young women were not accorded opportunities to fully participate in decision-making at the family, community, organizational, and national levels respectively. It was believed that programmes that aimed at empowering women were mainly focused on older women from the age 35 and above. This caused an Intergenerational gap which often manifested itself in older women continuing to take the lead role in the Women’s Movement. This was because young women were perceived to have inadequate leadership skills, knowledge and experience to take up higher positions as they could not articulate issues accurately. Against this background, YWA was established to provide the relevant knowledge, skills and experience to young women aged between 15 and 35 in order to enhance their participation in the Women’s Movement and National development.


YWA sees the future where empowered young women are improving their lives and contributing effectively to national development.

Mission Statement

To create an enabling environment for young women to improve their lives through capacity building, networking and advocacy.


The organization adheres to the values of:

  • Professionalism
  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Equality
  • Volunteerism
  • Provision of quality service
  • Non partisanship
  • Unity and Solidarity
  • Integrity
  • Team Work

Organizational Objectives

  1. To encourage young women to aspire for higher positions of decision making in the women’s movement.
  2. To support the removal of barriers, gaps and prejudices between women of different ages, race and beliefs in the Women’s Movement.
  3. To Mentor young women in order for them to take up leadership positions and be responsible citizens.
  4. To lobby organizations within the women’s movement to include young women in programmes such as economic and social empowerment activities, literacy and gender sensitization programs.
  5. To hold campaigns, demonstrations and matches on matters affecting young women such as sexual and other forms of abuse against adolescent girls and young women and violations of women’s rights.
  6. To facilitate networking among persons and organizations with similar aims and commitments on gender and development issues at national, regional and International levels
  7. To encourage young men to support the empowerment of young women.

Program Areas

As a way of contributing to the global effort of enhancing girls and young women`s access to and participation in leadership at family, community and national levels; the YWA leadership development program is committed to building capacity of girls and young women to improve their knowledge and skills in leadership for increased participation in varied community governance processes. In view of this, YWA employs a wide range of approaches to address social and structural issues that hinder young women’s participation in governance. Some of the approaches include; leadership development training, mentorship, community sensitization and linkages.

The YWA programming on Gender focuses on challenging patriarchal practices that discriminate against young women’s right to make informed choices about their social and economic welfare. In addition, the gender program also addresses issues of Gender Based Violence (GBV) – its causes and effects including the popularisation of the Zambia`s newly enacted law (The Anti -Gender Based Violence Act, 2011) which most women did not have an understanding on.

The organisation was established to advocate for the issues concerning girls and young women between the ages of 15 and 35 years. With that in mind, YWA’s lobbying and advocacy programme is tailor made to address specific issues that affect girls and young women’s welfare as and when they arise. For instance, currently YWA is advocating for among other issues the inclusion of young women in governance processes at family and community levels.

The YWA advocacy approach is as reflected below:

  • Acting with, or making representation on behalf of, girls and young women on issues arise from their lack of participation in social and economic spaces
  • Referrals to appropriate government agencies or other like-minded civil society organisation to effect the resolution of issues raised by girls and young women
  • Influencing policies and practices to promote gender equality and economic empowerment for girls and young women

The socio-economic empowerment program of YWA has two elements, access to education and enhancement of entrepreneurial and life skills among targeted girls and young women.

Under the education component, YWA provides educational support to girls and young women through payment of their school fees. The educational support to girls and young women is at three levels, namely, primary, secondary and tertiary.

The program also addresses issues of empowerment for young women with entrepreneurial skills through trainings in entrepreneurship and business management skills to help them move away from being dependent on the men in their lives which usually results in  increased abuse and infringement of women`s rights

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Our Address

House 135 Chilimbulu Road, New Kabwata, Lusaka
Phone Numbers: +26 0954 882 852, +26 0978 896 443
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